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Anthony Santos-Dosis De Amor Mp3

Anthony Santos-Dosis De Amor Mp3

Dosis De Amor is a song by Anthony Santos, a Dominican singer and songwriter who is known as the King of Bachata. The song is part of his album Juego de Amor, which was released in 2005. Dosis De Amor is a romantic ballad that expresses the need for a dose of love in a relationship. The song has a smooth and sensual rhythm, with Anthony Santos' distinctive voice and guitar playing.

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If you want to listen to Dosis De Amor by Anthony Santos, you have several options. You can watch the official video on YouTube, where you can also find the lyrics and comments from other fans. You can also stream the song on Spotify, where you can add it to your playlists and discover more songs by Anthony Santos. Alternatively, you can download the song from SoundCloud, where you can also follow Antony Santos' official account and listen to his other tracks.

Dosis De Amor by Anthony Santos is a beautiful song that will make you feel the power of love. Whether you are in a relationship or not, you can enjoy this song and appreciate its melody and lyrics. Dosis De Amor is one of the best songs by Anthony Santos, and one of the most popular songs in the bachata genre. If you are a fan of Anthony Santos or bachata music, you should definitely listen to Dosis De Amor.


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