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[S6E5] I'm Free Free

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[S6E5] I'm Free

Below is a link to my YouTube video review of the show aired on the 20th of May, where I talk about the patterns & fabrics that I have found used in the show or similar. I also talk about my challenge from the previous episode & set myself a new challenge to make another garment using patterns & fabric that I own or can find free for a garment inspired by the episode.

My challenge last week was to make a rugby shirt. I am still in the process of drafting this as I was unable to find a pattern that was free or relatively inexpensive but I think I may have mastered the hidden placket. I will do a seperate blogpost on the process.

He was allowed six hours of freedom, including transportation time, provided he paid for security screening at the wedding and reception and spent all six hours within sight distance of federal agents. Of course Johnny agreed. What else could he do?

He and Al fake their deaths so that they can help Morgan, but Dwight makes it a point to free the wild dog from the masked stranger camp before he goes, which I thought was so representative of his own inner struggle. 041b061a72


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