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I paid for the app and even added the message backup file to wazzapmigrator in my android. But when I installed WhatsApp , it asked me only for a backup from Google drive,to which I said No!I got no option to restore chat data from wazzapmigratorI failed at the LAST STEP please help ?

Wazzap Migrator Cracked Apk Market

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I followed all the steps you have mentioned.But I am unable to convert the whatsapp data in the migrator.I tried manually entering the path but this is the message I get.Chatsorage.sqlite found @/storage/emulated/0/wazzapMigrator/ChatStorage.sqlite

Govind after copying ChatStorage.sqlite to wazzapmigrator folder , and then running the wazzapmigrator app after selecting the above file manually (as it did not found it automatically), the process is completed and then when i install the whatsapp and after the verification, it asks for google drive backup which is not present so i have to skip it and then it starts initializing without restoring any backup , WHAT TO DO ! Reply ASAP !!

For those who have been unlucky to restore Whatsapp on android, have patience and thoroughly through the guide before you attempt. I was able to restore it in my first try. I restored from Iphone 6s to one plus 6t. It took me approximately 3.5 hours of total time spent on this transfer 90 % of my time was spent on reading through the article on this page and that on wazzapmigrator. Read the comments section on WM guide pages.

Hi I have a iPhone 6s and I am transferring to Samsung note 10+. I bought the original wazzapmigrator app. I has saved my chatstorage.sqlite and media files to my Samsung storage. But I have only managed to get back my messages without the media portion i.e. photos and such. Where have I gone wrong? Please help


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